PSD's Early Childhood Education department will be able to provide full-day preschool for at-risk children in the fall, thanks to increased federal grant funding.  

Funding will increase from $3 million to $4 million dollars for the district's Head Start program, which supports child development through early learning programs, home visits, health services and family empowerment.  

"This is a beautiful gift to the community," Carolyn Martin, Director of Early Childhood Education says. "The brain and body are like a single little bundle between zero and 60 months — they never do the same things again that they do between that window of months."  

Preschool programs can accelerate child development, boost academic outcomes, increase health and mental health, and generate billions of dollars in economic benefits, according to the National Education Association. 

"We're seeing the kids at a time when brain science tells us we can really make an impact," Martin says. "Anything that we do for a child at that age has double, triple, quadruple the efficacy." 

Spots in the Head Start program are reserved for the most vulnerable children, because the services are the most comprehensive. Along with providing preschool classes, the Early Childhood Education department acts as a comprehensive services organization, connecting families with medical and mental health providers, social services, childcare centers and other local community resources. Family Mentors visit with families weekly to provide education and help parents navigate through the early years.  

"It's not just the educational piece — we provide a direct connection to services and organizations," Corinne Van Dyke, Assistant Director of Early Childhood Education says. "We serve the whole family, and that can only benefit the child and the community in the long run."  

In order to provide full-day classes next fall, ECE had to add new classrooms, hire new staff and strategically plan full-day classroom locations in each quadrant of the district. They worked with Transportation to coordinate additional busing for students, with Child Nutrition to develop meal plan, and ordered cots for afternoon naps. The department's governing board of parent representatives monitored the work done by multi-stakeholder workgroups, and provided input and direction.  

"We've had so much support in making this a reality," Van Dyke says.  

With funding, classrooms, staff and curriculum secured, the Early Childhood Education department is ready to roll out full-day preschool this fall.  

"We are very serious about preparing kids for kindergarten," Martin says. "We're ready to play our part in ensuring equity and access for every child." 

PSD Registration Procedures

New Students -All new K-12 students register at their school site. Go to the PSD website to determine your neighborhood school. 

For new elementary students (K-5), designated registration dates are Tuesday, Aug. 1, and Wednesday, Aug. 2, at the school. Registration is also available for new elementary students after these dates.

For registering new secondary students (6-12), please contact the school directly to make an appointment with the Registrar. 

Please note: Kindergarten and first-grade students must be 5-years-old and first-graders must be 6-years-old on or before September 15 to register for school. (Learn more about kindergarten registration)

School Choice - Parents may also fill out a School Choice application for their child to attend a school outside their attendance area. School choice applications are accepted until the first day of school. During the summer months, parents are encouraged to contact each school regarding choice applications. For more information, visit the School Choice web page.

Registration - Please bring the following to the school:

  • Student's birth certificate, original or certified (required for new kindergarten students and students new to PSD only)
  • Emergency contact information, including health care provider contact information
  • Immunization records or a signed State of Colorado Exemption Certificate is required for personal, religious, or medical exemptions to school immunization requirements. Information about recommended and required immunizations from Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment is available for your review (multiple languages available).
  • Copy of student's academic history or current report card (bring a non-official copy; PSD school personnel will request your student's school records from the previous school after your student is enrolled)
  • Proof of residency (a copy of a lease agreement, mortgage statement, utility bill, etc.. that shows that parent/guardian lives at address within school boundaries)

Print, complete and submit enrollment forms below to schools

Current PSD students - Kindergarten through 11th grade

Students who currently attend a PSD school do not need to register for the following year unless they are moving to a new school or level (i.e. elementary to middle school and middle school to high school.)

Fifth grade students will be pre-registered at their neighborhood feeder middle school in February. Fifth grade students will visit feeder middle schools in April. See 6th Grade Registration Calendar for details.

Eighth grade students will be registered at their neighborhood feeder high school. Contact each high school for registration details.

Fifth grade and Eighth grade students wishing to attend a middle or high school outside their attendance area (or for a program continuation), should fill out a School Choice application.




PSD Calendar

Aug. 8 – Board of Education meeting, 6:30pm, JSSC, 2407 LaPorte Ave.

Aug. 18 – High School Transition Day for 9th graders

Aug. 21 – First Day of High School

Aug. 22 – Middle School Transition Day for 6th graders

Aug. 22 – Board of Education meeting, 6:30pm, JSSC, 2407 LaPorte Ave.

Aug. 23 – First Day of Elementary and Middle School

Aug. 25 – PSD Audit Committee Meeting, 7 – 9am, Information Technology Center, JSSC, 2407 LaPorte Ave.