More students in Greeley-Evans School District 6 graduated on time in 2016 and fewer dropped out of school before receiving a diploma, according to information released by the Colorado Department of Education today.

The 2016 on-time, four-year graduation rate for District 6 is 78.7 percent, an increase of 1.6 percentage points over last year. This is slightly under the state on-time graduation rate of 79 percent.

The District 6 dropout rate also fell to 2.3 percent in 2016 from 3.4 percent in 2015. This decline represents 111 students who stayed in school to continue their education. The District 6 dropout rate mirrors the state rate, which is also 2.3 percent.

“This is a significant improvement for our district. It represents the very intentional and challenging work our educators and administrators are doing to ensure our students are graduating high school with a plan for their future,” said District 6 Superintendent Dr. Deirdre Pilch. “When I think about those 111 students who might have otherwise given up on getting their high school diploma, who are now engaged in their education, it is huge. I am proud of the work that has been done to improve these rates. We still have work to do, but this definitely shows we are moving in the right direction.”

As part of Innovation2020, the District 6 strategic plan, schools are committed to graduating all students with the skills they need to enter college or a career. Specifically, by 2021, the goal for District 6 is to graduate 90 percent of its students on time.

District 6 is outperforming the state graduation rate in its two largest student categories: the on-time graduation rate for District 6 students identified as Latino is 74.8 percent, compared to 71.1 percent statewide; and the on-time graduation rate for District 6 students identified as Caucasian is 85.9 percent, compared to 83.9 percent statewide. In 2016, 655 students from a Latino background and 428 students from a Caucasian background graduated on time, composing nearly 94 percent of all graduates.

In total, District 6 schools graduated 1,156 students in 2016. In Colorado, 50,700 students graduated. District 6 represents about 2.2 percent of the total number of graduates in the state.

Here are the 2016 on-time graduation rates by high school:

  • Engage Online Academy (no longer in existence): 64.3 percent, 9 graduates
  • Frontier Charter Academy: 100 percent, 80 graduates
  • Greeley Central High School: 86 percent, 245 graduates
  • Greeley West High School: 80.6 percent, 287 graduates
  • Jefferson High School/Greeley-Evans Alternative Program: 54.8 percent, 172 graduates
  • Northridge High School: 84 percent, 204 graduates
  • Union Colony Preparatory School: 69.6 percent, 32 graduates
  • University Schools: 96.9 percent, 127 graduates

New D6 position to expand internship opportunities

Following a competitive selection process, long-time community member and former Aurora Police Officer, Carolyn (CJ) Renaud, has been hired as the new business and community partnership administrator for Greeley-Evans School District 6.  In addition to her extensive experience as a community advocate and servant, Ms. Renaud holds a Master’s Degree in Education.

CJ Renaud will join District 6 in February. The new position is funded through the mill levy override that was approved by voters in November. It was part of the campaign promise to improve and expand career exploration and preparation for students through internships, apprenticeships, shadowing and other opportunities.

“We are excited to welcome CJ to our District 6 team,” said Superintendent Dr. Deirdre Pilch. “This is a position we promised to fill as we implement our strategic plan, which includes an expansion of work force readiness and career exploration opportunities for all students. We are grateful to the community for supporting the mill levy override, which allows us to successfully prepare students to enter college or careers after high school through resources such as this.”

Ms. Renaud served as a School Resource Officer for the Aurora Police Department, serving primarily at Hinkley High School. She is a resident of Evans and has served as a coach for several local softball and basketball teams.