Busy toddler challenges parents This morning was a huge mad dash to workout, get everyone ready and get out the door. At one point, I was in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast when I realized I hadn’t heard our 2-year old toddler in a while. All experienced moms know quiet kids are either pooping or up to no good. I hollered up the stairs, looked around the main floor, and finally headed to our sunken living space and mudroom to see what she was up to.  I could hear her murmuring in her baby voice something like, “Help mom lunnnndrrry!” 

What in the in world? I pulled open the laundry room door and surveyed the small room piled with weeks’ worth of dirty clothes but didn’t immediately see her. I did, however, spy her grey two-step stool she drags around the house to reach things she probably shouldn’t, strategically positioned right in front of the front-load dryer. 

 I peered in and lo and behold, there she was manically giggling with one of my not-so sexy pairs of underwear strung around her neck as a necklace, trying to work the clasp of my bra in her tiny toddler hands. She proudly reasserted her proclamation, “Helping lunnnndrrry!”  Oy vey!

Our 2-year old toddler has earned herself the title #CaptainChaos. Yep that’s right, she’s a bit of social media icon in our circle because every time she does something like this morning’s laundry stunt, I snap a picture, write a caption that includes this hashtag and share it out. She is constantly doing things like going head-first down the huge slide in our neighborhood or climbing on top of anything she can, only to jump off as fast as she can. #CaptainChaos can open any door and is certainly not afraid of the street; she loves to maul our big and endlessly patient dog, and would probably wind up in Wyoming in an instant if I wasn’t constantly vigilant. Everyone knows her by this moniker and people frequently ask me what #CaptainChoas has been up to lately. 

I certainly know I’m not the only one with a busy toddler, in fact, I think it’s a requirement of this age. I also know everyone with older kids thinks, ‘It goes by so fast!’ But this #CaptainChaos phase is a bit exhausting; it requires endless patience, tenacity, and ninja-like reflexes. Sometimes by the end of the day, I’m just done; done with the silliness and even more done with the craziness that comes with a toddler. 

Finding #CaptainChaos in the dryer was just the first of many maniac things my 2-year-old did today. Someday, I’m sure I’ll scroll through my feed looking at these silly pictures and I’ll probably kick myself for thinking, much less writing the last paragraph. I’ll be really thankful for her bold and bright spirit, but right now, I’m going to give myself some grace. And you should, too. The toddler-twos aren’t for the faint of heart.