Curious minds want to know


You can’t help but wonder, right? Well actually you can. It seems that as we get older we wonder less and to want to find certainty and security more. But our kids still wonder. There might even be a direct correlation between age and ability to wonder. Have you begun to wonder why I’ve said the word wonder 6 times already?

Wondering is the foundation of an open, expansive, creative mind. Certainty is like death.

We hit a couple of the big wonderables (made-up-word alert) in this issue: the Earth and the heavens. I think people have been wondering about the stars since the day we first noticed them. I wonder what those bright things can be. Are they all the same thing? And what’s really cool is that the more we learn about the big out-there, the more it makes us wonder about what is really going on in the big out-there.

So we learn that the sun is just a big ball of gas but instead of being an answer, it’s the start of a whole bunch more wondering. I wonder how that big ball of gas got there and why it’s burning. I wonder what we’re doing here on Earth spinning around that big ball of burning gas. And on it goes.

Check out the astronomy story on page 12 to help ignite your family’s wonder.

And then closer to home (well it is home) is our little blue and green planet. In the vastness of the cosmos, the Earth seems pretty dang insignificant, but to us Earthlings, it is very significant. We’re here breathing the air of the thin atmosphere, sharing the small amount of fresh water, extracting the rare minerals that make our iPhones work, and going about our day-in, day-out lives. And if we take a minute to slow down, we might notice something to…wait for it…wonder about. I wonder why some trees grow so tall and live for centuries, while others are scrubby and live for only a couple of decades. I wonder why we all feel sick when the air quality is bad.

Spend a few minutes with our story on page 10 about Earth Day and the activities for you and your family that last all month. I think it is becoming increasingly clear that we are connected—to each other, to the processes of the Earth, to all the living creatures on the Earth.

Maybe we can take a note from our kids and tap back into that ability, that need, even, to be inquisitive and curious about the world around us.

I wonder how we will forge our way forward…