Unplug and connect with your family  So we tend to run around with our speedy lives, jumping from grocery shopping, to gymnastics dropping, to TV plopping without ever slowing down. When we have a spare moment, we’re on our phones checking our latest email or seeing who just posted something on an instant-gratification app or site. And there’s voicemail and email and calendars to update and I don’t really have to go on because, well, you get it. 

We might even grab drive-thru, fast food that we eat in the car between activities (so I didn’t have to go on, but I did…) 

What if all this could just stop for a day or two? What if you actually had time to sit down as a family for three meals a day? What if you didn’t even get in the car for two days? And what if no one checked their phone, at all, for anything for an entire weekend? And what if you played a card game with the family in the evening instead of everyone trapped inside their digital world?

I know it sounds crazy, but it’s possible. Imagine a world where you wake up to the sounds of birds and maybe a gurgling steam…a world with no cell phone reception…a world with trails and trees and acres to explore. And imagine cooking meals together and sitting down at a picnic table together to talk about your day and enjoy your meal…and being chased into your (spoiler alert) tent because driving rain from an afternoon storm has appeared in the sky. And now breathe in that fresh air that follows a storm in the mountains and talk about how you thought the tent was going to get blown down if it didn’t stop soon. Memories in the making…

Kim Sharp and Lynn U. Nichols have some great ideas to help you get going. Lynn gives you a primer on how to start if you’ve never camped as a family before, such as doing a practice run in the back yard. Kim Sharpe takes it a step farther, literally, and sets you on the trail for a backpacking trip.  

When I look back on some of our best family memories, a tent or a tent camper is often part of the scene. Those were the great road trips with friends, setting up camp, hanging out and eating and chatting and singing. Weathering storms and snow and heat, we connected as a family in ways that were almost impossible at home.

I hope that you take the opportunity to enjoy your family and the great natural beauty we call our backyard. It’s all about connecting by unplugging from the digital mind suck…something I call BLISSconnected.

I hope you find yourself BLISSconnected in the very near future,