Gratitude changes how we view the world One of the best ways to be happy is to accept things as they are…to be content. And even better, if you can go beyond accepting to being grateful, then you will find even more joy. As the saying goes, happiness is not having what you want, but rather, wanting what you have. We find it difficult to be content, though. We get constant messages that tell us that we need to be better at this, and have more of that, and not be like this, but be more like that. We see people on Facebook having so much more fun that we’ll ever have, and with more friends. 

Accepting ourselves as good and worthy, just as we are, seems elusive sometimes. And if we have a hard time with that, it’s no wonder that we have a hard time accepting others, just as they are, who are different than we are. 

We are running a story about an amazing nonbinary-gender teenager who is learning to accept who she/he is and hopes that others will learn to accept him/her, too. On page 18, Lynn U. Nichols writes about the journey that this teen and supportive family have taken as they navigate these unfamiliar waters. I found this story to be both instructive and inspirational and I hope that you do too. 

And now for a jump, because I’m very excited about this and I want to share it too! One thing I’m grateful about is that in our area, we have the opportunity to eat good food that is produced locally, especially in the growing and harvest seasons. Life is full of choices and choosing to do things that are good for us and good for our world just seems to make sense. And that includes eating well and eating fresh food produced locally as much as we can. 

I’d like to invite you to spend a little time with our special section Bounty this month. It’s a local food and farm guide that is packed full. Here’s a taste. Want to try a little urban homesteading?. Wondering who could use your extra produce? Considering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) membership? Want to know what restaurants source locally or find a list of local producers? Or where those farmers markets and farm stands are? It’s all there. Go dig in.

Also, check out all the fun things going on in NoCo this month in our calendar. Learn where your family can take a walk at a public garden or learn to ride a horse.

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