But you can start 2015 with the right eating attitude


You and your family are going to overeat this holiday season. This is not a prediction; it’s a known fact. Why? Well, you overeat every year, even though you pledge to do better. 

It starts off at Thanksgiving, where you say you’ll exercise the day after but end up snacking on leftovers while you and the kids veg out in front of the television. Then come the holiday cookies and candies your family and friends provide. You pledge everyone will do better, until the first snowfall. Then you sit by the fire sipping hot cocoa and snacking on sugar cookies while you watch the gentle flakes of northern Colorado fall outside your window.

Of course there are the meals out, whether at others’ homes or the fine local restaurants. The good food and cold walk back to the car make you sleepy. So you all snuggle underneath blankets to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. By the time New Year’s Day rolls around you and your family feel bloated, fatigued, and ready for a steady diet of water and leafy vegetables.

Don’t feel bad about this—you’re not the only family who gets this way over the holidays. With hectic schedules and lack of time for proper meals, eating habits you established throughout the year can be demolished with and extra piece of pumpkin pie. And you shouldn’t feel guilty about enjoying yourself. All you need to do is get ready for January 1. Go past that date to re-establish your proper eating habits and they may be gone for good.

Let’s get you through the holidays and into the next year with some advice on how to get back on track come January 1.

Don’t lose sight
Despite the dietary changes from now until the end of the year you should still sit down with the rest of the family and work out a plan to get back on track when the last spoonful of figgy pudding is devoured. Make a commitment to return to your nutritional program.

Don’t let it all go
Prepare some nutritional meals ahead of time or carve out a period of cardio exercise for you and the family. Continue to take your vitamins and other supplements whenever possible and, most important, drink water. Sustaining yourself on hot chocolate and soda will knock you and the family off your feet, no matter if you exercise and eat somewhat healthy.

Gradually return to center
It may be hard to get back to your normal dietary plan after being off the wagon for so long. Start by adding regular exercise and nutritional eating back gradually into daily routines. Things should get back to normal in a few weeks.

December should be a time of joy with your family and friends, not one rife with guilt about what you eat or drink. You have a finite time with your kids when they’re young. Enjoy them and put everything else on the backburner. You’ll be in a much better mindset when January 1st rolls around. 

Kick-start your routine

Tools are available to help you rejuvenate your exercise and nutrition routines as soon as the ball drops in Times Square. Here are a few suggestions.

For approximately $6 a month you receive a comprehensive list of nutritional meals you can prepare for your family. eMeals provides the ingredient list as well as locations near your where the items may be on sale.

Fitness Magazine
The online version of this magazine provides a number of articles on kick-starting a stalled diet plan. For instance, here is a 13-step plan to resume a routine of diet and exercise.

Fitness Apps
Keep track of your resumed fitness program with an app. PC Magazine offers a list of the 25 most popular of these apps. Some of them may also offer rewards for reaching accomplishments.