Your kids will eat it up

Kids should be comfortable in the kitchen. Consider it a survival skill. After all, cooking goes along with eating, one of those necessities of life.

Sari Kimball of The Cooking Studio says, "With cooking shows exploding in popularity, kids have become exposed to food in a whole new way. A lot of kids who take our classes say they want to be a chef or be involved in the food industry. Ultimately, we are developing a new generation of eaters who appreciate real food and aren’t intimidated to go into the kitchen and give a recipe a try or even create new recipes themselves."

Beyond knowing how to cook basic food, like eggs for breakfast or mac and cheese for lunch, cooking classes for kids help budding chefs gain self-confidence and a sense of adventure when it comes to food. Ultimately, learning to cook is a way for kids to learn how to take care of themselves.

Kimball says, "We want kids to become confident in the kitchen and understand how flavors and foods work.  Without going into a ton of scientific background, there is an understanding of why egg yolks thicken a hollandaise compared to why egg whites lighten up a soufflé.  We also talk about why salt works so well with sweets and why acids help a rich food taste more balanced. Once kids and teens become comfortable in the kitchen—from basic knife skills to heating up a sauté pan for searing—they love to be creative and explore new combinations."

Learning to cook also is a way to help picky eaters broaden their food horizons.

Kimball says, "I always try to push the envelope a little for kids classes. The menu is tailored around general preferences that kids have, like cheese, pasta and sweets, but roasted Brussels sprouts with a gastric sauce have gone over pretty well. Even if a student hates Brussels sprouts, I ask them to take the smallest bite. If they don’t like it after the one bite that is fine, but I ask them to keep an open mind. When kids make the food themselves, including vegetables, they are so much more likely to eat it because they took part in the process."

Bon appetit!


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