Put together a memory book this year People appreciate experiences more than possessions, so rather than giving family and friends a lot of stuff this holiday season, why not focus on having fun with them instead? Children (and adults) will remember quality time spent together much longer than receiving the latest and greatest toy or gadget, especially if you make preserving those experiences part of your family fun.

Karen Griffiths Lachelt, NoCo mom of four, says scrapbooks are a way to remember "…things we do together. It is valuable when you use your scrapbooks as reference material to answer 'What year did we...?' For as a scrapbooker you are also the family historian." And kids love participating in saving family memories, too.

Compiling scrapbooks that use cute stickers, charms and stamps, made popular by Creative Memories™ and Stampin' Up© a couple decades ago, is still a popular way to record family history. Many stores in northern Colorado offer materials and space to build memory books of this sort (see sidebar for a list of local scrapbook stores).

A more modern take on scrapbooks are journals, like SMASH™ books, into which you can jot down notes and cram ticket stubs, receipts, photos and other momentos. Actually, this version of documentation is more like the "commonplace books" that became popular in 15th century England. They were/are a way to save information and memorabilia. Each book becomes a unique collection of individualized history.

Another way to record family fun is to use a digital photo book creator. This method isn't as hands-on or tactile as working with paper, pencils, markers, scissors and glue, but it can be just as creative in a virtual way. Leave A Legacy in Fort Collins is the local store that specializes in digital memory preservation. It offers DIY or DFY (Done For You!) services, however, the DFY option won't provide another fun family activity to record. The online Shutterfly™ (www.shutterfly.com) and Mixbook© (www.mixbook.com) sites receive high marks from users, as does Pint Size Productions (www.pintsizeproductions.com) which specializes in the creation of durable board books for your youngest family members.

Whichever method you choose, you're scrapbook creations will be appreciated for generations.


Make memories last

Check out these places where you can assemble memories.

A 'Scrapin" Place
6880 N. Franklin Ave., Loveland
663-0035, 481-0338

Leave A Legacy
1827 E. Harmony Rd., Fort Collins
226-0102, www.facebook.com/LeaveALegacyInc/

NOCO Crop Stop 
7499 Westgate Dr., Ste. 102, Windsor
237-1075, www.nococropstop.com

Scrap 2 It 
1015 W. Horsetooth Rd., #107, Fort Collins
797-2174, www.scrap2itstore.com

The Treasure Box 
1833 E. Harmony Rd., Fort Collins